Thursday, 14 September 2006

Archaeological Museum

This is one of my favourite museums. It’s very close to the much more popularly visited Topkapı Palace.

This is part of the chain that the Byzantines stretched across the Golden Horn to keep out the Ottomans as they laid siege to Constantinople in 1453. It forms part of the İstanbul Through the Ages exhibition. (Actually, last time I saw this I thought it as at the Askerı (Military) museum, but things might have moved around - or there's two bits; certainly the Archaeological Museum has undergone a massive refurbishment in recent times - I always liked it, now it is outstanding.)

Part of the Tiled Kiosk, and the cafe

Giant earthenware pots, and worker cleaning the cases.

Piero at the cafe, 13 August 1989.

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Alex said...

This archeological museum covered with blue mosaic looks fabulous and greatly aesthetic with its artistic details.