Saturday, 21 July 2007

The View from Hamdi

Hamdi Et Lokantas─▒ (Hamdi Meat Restaurant) is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul, not last for its spectacular views across to Galata, up the Golden Horn, and down to Old Istanbul. And a FABULOUS place to rest weary feet for a cold beer and smoe food in the afternoon.
It was from Hamdi's terrace that I took the shots of Galata and Yeni Camii.


Andrea said...

I've been many times in Istambul.
I agree with you:It's magic.
Here there is the "alfa" and the "omega" of the world.
Thank you for your pictures

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Nice looking place.

Gerhard said...

It still looks beautiful in Istanbul, the first place I visited out of Europe in 1962 for me. Made me want to see more of the Orient and traveled since..
last time in Istanbul 1966, want to return one day.
beautiful photos, thank you.
Live now In Australia, have a look at my last blog

Emil N said...

I think I stood at the same table, in august 2007, when I was in Istanbul... Happy New Year. I made a blog about my trip in Turkey, on

Gatto999 said...

All great shots !...
Compliments !...

Ciao from Italy